Donate for a better future of poor, SC, ST, general middle class youth…

Donate for a better future of poor, SC, ST, general middle class youth…

BhaskarJobs needs your help …

Due to Kovid, there has been a huge shortage of employment opportunities across the country. The jobs in the private sector do not reach the poor and middle class youth. The private sector recruits the vacant jobs at its place through the placement agency.

Placement agency, manpower agency takes payout from the company to get a job, as well as taking unemployment from unemployed youth to first salary.

Poor and middle class youth are unable to pay for placement agencies. Because of this, they remain unemployed. Due to unemployment, the economic condition of his family continuously deteriorates. Due to unemployment, a lot of youths have even gone to suicide.

Seeing the arrival of unemployment at a terrible level and the life of millions of poor families getting difficult due to this, Bhaskar Jobs started making efforts at their level.

Bhaskar Jobs was started three years ago to help provide employment to the poor and middle class youth. In which we have also been successful to a great extent. In three years  we have helped more than 5000 youth get free employment. Bhaskar Jobs is an organization created for social work. This organization has been working for five years to provide free employment and education to poor children. Bhaskar jobs are not a profit making institution in any way. The sole goal of the institution is to help poor youth through social work only and only …

The youth who were not even able to access the place mentioned for the job, got help for those youth through their resources and contacts through Bhaskar Jobs and now they are becoming able to live a respectable life by doing the job. This is a big achievement for us and also a moment of pride.

We need your support to help the poor youth. Such people, who are capable, can join our efforts and cooperate in a holy work. You can do it with a small donation, the happiness of a poor young person can be given in the house of happiness.

You are requested to give us financial support, so that we can help the poor youth in more and better ways. 

donate through PayTm

donate through PayTm

Name: Sachin Baiskar

Bank: Punjab National Bank,

Branch : New Market, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

A/C Type: Savings

A/C No. 1276000100259780

IFSC Code: PUNB0127600

UPI/PayTm/Google Pay: 9893299116 

Why does our campaign need help?

  1. This noble work of ours requires some monetary help. We have given a comprehensive list of expenses.
  2. Through Bhaskar Jobs, it helps to provide free skill training to such youth, who want to work in a particular sector.
  3. Such organizations which do better in the skill training sector, contract with them and send them to the poor youth for training. Whatever nominal fee is charged by the institution, it is now being given by Bhaskar Jobs.
  4. Contacting the company and sending the team for the details of jobs.
  5. Collecting jobs and making them available to the needy youth.
  6. To help in arranging the needy youth by screening and sending them to the concerned place.
  7. To help in arranging stay, food etc. of poor youth through company and social service people.
  8. Staff salary, office setup expenses, etc. 

Bhaskar Jobs Team

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