Statistical Process Control Training

Statistical process control training is a form of training that focuses on teaching individuals how to monitor and control quality processes in a variety of settings. The training focuses on teaching participants the fundamentals of SPC, including how to identify and analyze process performance data, detect and correct process abnormalities, and set up control plans. The training typically consists of lectures, demonstrations, and handson activities. The goal of the training is to provide participants with the skills necessary to effectively monitor and control quality processes.

Statistical process control (SPC) procedures help you monitor process behavior. One of the staple SPC tools used by quality process analysts, improvement associates, inspectors and more is the control chart. Swades Quality Management Services will walk you through the details of control charting and other Swades Quality Management Services procedures and how to apply them within your organization.

Training Benefits
  • Structure of Control Chart
  • Sources of Process Variation: Special and Common
  • Principle of Rational Sub grouping
  • Types of Control Charts
  • Construction of Control Charts
  • Constructing a Short Run Chart
  • Interpretation of Control Charts

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